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Saying to become intimidated just because any individual contains a digital camera, purely so that you can justify an arrest, is simply open up to an excessive amount abuse. Definitely our police officers needs to be made from tougher stuff than that. Be intimidated by a knife, by a fist, by a gun.

An appropriate democracy does need to be defended, it could possibly only be done by Keeping the officers in the crown to correct account, and that needs records in their steps.

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“The objectionable plan of broad cease and research with out suspicion was Completely wrong in theory and it has proven divisive and counterproductive in observe.”

“Sweet Fanny wrote: “The police have a person reason, and a single rationale only, being intimidated by a digital camera, Which’s mainly because they are carrying out a thing they shouldn’t be. If they have nothing to cover, they don't have anything to anxiety, isn’t that appropriate?”

Sending a random assortment of dwarves, munchkins and youngsters with cameras into your Higher Street to examine intimidation amounts, slowly upping their heights Using the aid of crafted up footwear.”

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Thank you for taking a stand on behalf in the photographic community. Hopefully the publicity that scenarios like this make will remind police officers that We now have the appropriate to utilize our cameras in public spaces.

Your assertion that “…officer xxxxx is unsuitable to work as a police officer or for the quite the very least demands additional training…” suggests everything.

For many explanations I am growing ever more involved via the police’s apparent deficiency of understanding of the law associated with their interaction with the general public as well as bullish way through which they work out their perceived powers.

That is completely dreadful. I’m certain the police Possess a great deal far more issues to do than arrest and harmless male using pictures in Chatham High Road? They have no ideal To achieve this. Keep up The nice function

In precisely the same way, it’s now popping out not simply that “our courageous lads” in Iraq and so forth are torturing and murdering civilians, such as the SS, and also that officers way up the chain of command, and also senior civil servants and politicians had been conniving at it, and making an attempt to ensure it by no means arrived in the open, making sure that no-a single will be punished.

If I wore a T shirt declaring that Tony Blair and Gordon Brown are more info warmongerers, liars and provide out merchants, I'd personally bet my base dollar which i could well be stopped and searched beneath section forty four.

I believe its unbelievable that you could be arrested essentially because that female felt threatened by getting her photo taken at the time, after we are practically filmed almost everywhere we go under the guise of community protection and blocking ‘terrorism’… certainly, by you taking her photo, you were carrying out a community provider by incorporating for the extensive selection of photos currently stored? seems to me that the actual risk towards the individuals may very well be coming from closer to home than we expect.

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